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Dental crowns (or dental caps) are hand-made coverings designed to fit over teeth that need rebuilding if they are misshapen, discoloured or have been weakened by damage or a large filling, even permanently replacing missing teeth to offer a complete smile and a functional bite.

We are renowned for the quality of our work and the fantastic changes we make for people using this technology. These treatments are used for a long-lasting correction of major dental problems. It is usual for these treatments to last for 20 to 30 years, which is as close to permanent as dental treatment can get.

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A dental crown will restore the strength of a tooth and give it the shape and colour of a natural tooth. Crowns are made from variety of materials, the most common being gold or porcelain crowns.

Each crown is handcrafted by a dental technician to match the colour, shape and translucency of your other teeth.


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