We have a specialist orthodontist who can provida a comprehensive assesssment of your teeth and offer you a treatment plan which best suits your needs.

Maryam treats adults and children and uses both fixed and removable orthodontics therapy. She is certified in the clear aligner Orthocaps® systems as well as the lingual Incognito brace system. Maryam is certified to use Damon braces, which uses cutting edge orthodontic technology to archieve fantastic results in a shorter time compared with conventonal braces.

Damon braces are designed to be discret, comfortable and easy to keep clean. Without the elastic ties which attract and collect plaque, Damon braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment. Plus the Damon System is available in clear brackets for those image conscious patients.


We provide Invisalign Orthodontics (Invisible Braces). More adults and children are now opting for straightening their teeth using the latest techniques. Theses eliminate the need for metal brackets and wires. We also provide conventional removable braces for young children for simple treatment.

Details of our Invisalign treatment 

Useful link: The Invisalign website: www.invisalign.com