Hygienist Junior Duffus

I qualified at the Royal London hospital as a Hygienist/Therapist  and since worked as a hygienist in private practice for many years. Continual personal development is fundamental to understanding current treatments and by working in conjunction to the prescription of the dentist and the periodontist I provide some of the treatment options for patients.
Holistic patient centred care is my philosophy. Centered on informing patients of evidence based knowledge gained from continual learning. Patients need to clearly recognize that a clean and healthy oral cavity will sustain a health periodontium, supporting simple and complex dental work. A balanced oral environment will enable stability and increase  treatment success.
The role of a hygienist, in a patients oral health care, in my opinion constitute approximately 20% of positive change in oral health. It’s the 80% of the patients dedicated home care that will affect and sustain long term change with effective plaque control. This is why,  I place enormous emphasis on the patients ability to perform home care correctly and consistently.